Text Engine Consulting, Inc., Completes Cybersecurity Courses with FIRST.Org

          Text Engine Consulting, Inc. has worked for two years with the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), the world’s leading association of security and incident-response teams, to create three core incident-response courses now available for download via the FIRST.Org website under a Creative Commons license. The release of the courses

Text Engine Co-Develops Transgender Youth Employment Online Toolkit

Text Engine Consulting, Inc. is proud to have worked with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to develop the online version of the Transgender Youth Employment Toolkit, which lets employment case managers and others prepare transgender youth for the workforce. The site includes detailed instructional content plus video segments. Check it out!  

Program Strategist for Lifestyle Learning STEM Comic Book

Alan Reade, the CEO of Text Engine Consulting, Inc., has joined Lifestyle Learning® as a Program Strategist. His responsibilities will be promoting the David: Software Engineer comic book and educational materials and helping to drive the venture-capital funding and crowdfunding efforts for the comic series.   David: Software Engineer is a comic book aimed at

Coffee House Chronicles: More To Watch!

“Double Dog Dare” is here! Episode 5 of Coffee House Chronicles, executive-produced by Text Engine Productions and written and directed by Stewart Wade, stars Tommy Dickie and Cameron Ferguson and features Che Landon. Check out the episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygvQQfWKDAQ   And in case you missed it, check out Episode 4, "Perfect Present," also written and directed by Stewart Wade and starring David

Coffee House Chronicles in Broadcast Deal with OUTtv

The web series Coffee House Chronicles has signed a partnership deal with OUTtv to broadcast the series in multiple territories. OUTtv is a European gay TV network that broadcasts in the Netherlands, Sweden, and other European territories and has co-operations with OUTtv Canada. This year OUTtv is working on adding new TV territories. Coffee House Chronicles is an comedy web

Text Engine Productions Developing Training Program for FIRST.Org

          Text Engine Consulting, Inc. has signed a contract with global incident-response organization FIRST.Org to develop classroom training that prepares Computer Security Incident Response Teams, or CSIRTs, to better protect computers and networks in the government, commercial, and educational sectors. The training program will be taught by FIRST members in classrooms worldwide, and Text Engine Productions

Have you seen…..

Text Engine Productions Promo for Instructional Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxYYMxbX2ek Text Engine Productions Promo for Video Productions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3C_9qxKXAw  

Coffee House Chronicles ‘We.Zombies’ Episode Launched

So the latest episode of Coffee House Chronicles entitled "We, Zombies" is here! Starring Mark Cirillo and Damian Pelliccione and featuring a cameo from the series writer and director Stewart Wade. Check out the episode, which is executive-produced by Text Engine Productions! http://youtu.be/5tJYeTCdTS4