cybersecurity protection

Text Engine Consulting, Inc. is developing custom cybersecurity learning, in both classroom and online format, for companies who want to protect their intellectual property, their employees, and their clients.

Our approach is to work with a client company to:

  • Identify key security issues and parts of the business that are vulnerable to cyberattack or hacking 
  • Determine core personnel and pre-existing documentation within the business that could help address security issues and defend against online vulnerabilities 
  • Work with those core personnel and leverage pre-existing documentation to develop customized learning for key staff members and management 
  • Deliver training in the classroom and through online modes, based on the business needs, to allow employees to follow best cybersecurity practices 
  • Create wiki portables, printable job aids, and mobile-ready information to help employees continue to guard against vulnerabilities 

From 2015 to 2020, Text Engine Consulting Inc. worked with the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), the world’s leading association of security and incident response teams, to create four incident-response courses now in wide release for worldwide use. Text Engine Consulting, Inc. can bring tools and processes from FIRST to a custom cybersecurity training offering, to help strengthen a client company’s ability to meet online threats. 

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